13 – The editing process. How to build a story

In editing software’s like ‘premiere Pro’ the amount of editing techniques available to us is almost unlimited.

Step 1 – The first step towards building a story, is to import and log your rushes. By not doing this, you will be losing out on a lot of time. You can categorize your footage into different colours. In the title of the clip, you can say; who is in it, what angle it was taken from and what shot size it is.

Step 2 – Import music or search for music that you are legally able to use, then import it. Then you can edit the music by cropping it, removing part of the song, or altering the volume.

Step 3 – Make a simple timeline in sections. copy footage onto the first section of the timeline to give your self a brief idea of what that section will look like. When placing the footage onto the timeline, crop them, but not to the exact length you want it to be. Just a similar length. Then you can look at that section and decide what needs changing.

Step 4 – Then experiment by altering between different angles of shots until you are satisfied with that section. Then do the same for the rest of the sections until the whole timeline is complete.

Step 5 – Then you will need to sync up the audio with the clips. You will be able to do this a lot easier if the clips are recorded with a clapperboard.

Step 6 – Then you can crop the footage to the right duration, so that it fits with the lyrics and tempo of the music and the shots.

Step 7 – Simple effects; you may need to alter the speed/duration, flip clips horizontally, zoom in, play clips on reverse speed, or many other small things to make sure that the continuity is stable.

Step 8 – You will probably want to alter the colour of most of the footage. You can do this several ways. You can use the ‘three way colour corrector’ which allows you to change the colour of the certain parts of the footage or all of it. You can use the ‘luma curve’ which allows you to again change certain parts of the lighting and colour in the footage.

Step 9 – You might want to add some sound effects. Sound effects taken from Youtube on converters aren’t as much of a problem, like with music.

Step 10 – You might want to add some title credits as well, or some individual credits to people.


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