18 – Analysis of the use of editing in a short sequence (500 words)

Planning – While you are filming you need to have a brief idea of what shots you want to, which you can plan out on a shot list/storyboard before hand, so that you can keep the continuity moving and that you can vary the camera angles and make the video funner to watch.

Filming – You need to make sure that you get as many shots as possible, so that when it comes to the editing, you will have plenty of shots to revert to. Quiet often you will struggle to edit, if you only get the shots which you want. Make sure that you film as much as possible.

Logging – Log all of your footage so that you then have more time to edit. This sounds strange, because logging takes up a lot of time, but not as much time as it will take to locate the necessary footage that you will be looking for, if you haven’t logged. Often I log the footage into multiple categories and colour code them. Who, what angle, what shot size.

Editing – Make sure that when you filmed, you took a clapperboard with you so that it is easier to sync up the audio/dialog with the video. If you are only editing a short sequence, then it is not as important to alter the colour of the footage or to add effects. With a short sequence, what you are looking to do, is have a variety of shots, good music and good sound effects. Also this means that you have a strong story with strong camera focus. But for the shots that you want, shoot them all from multiple angles, because if you film one angle for each shot, then the editing will be done really quickly. Is it possible to edit really quickly and have a good video? But because it is a short sequence, continuity is crucial because it is a lot easier to notice because the video is not long, and you won’t forget about it after a short while. Because you only have a short amount of footage make sure that the camera captures it well. This means good lighting, white balance, focus, exposure, etc. Because people aren’t going to want to watch it if it looks really bad, or they won’t remember what is going on, if it looks really bad. It is easy enough to edit, if you have done all of these things. But because you have captured as many shots as possible, it allows you to be adventurous and make the video more entertaining for the audience to watch.

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