27 – Music Video Research Portfolio (Importance of research and pre-production)

Why music video’s are important

.The video needs to promote the band. The band has to make money off these songs, and quiet often, singles are harder to remember than albums. So it is very important that they are memorable. Quiet often the music video may be more memorable than the song.

.As the music industry is a market like no other, competition is high for viral success. So, quite often, the music video will be deliberately controversial.

All of these songs were very successful, but the music video’s perhaps even more successful. All of these video’s were projected the audiences of the time. These music video’s would probably have been quiet controversial if they were released in the 1960’s. It is because they are featuring things, which are able to be shown in the current day, because the process of determining age restrictions are different now in comparison to the past.

http://youtu.be/xat1GVnl8-k – The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang)

http://youtu.be/yyDUC1LUXSU – Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke)

http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0 – Gangnam Style (PSY)

.The music video’s need to promote the filmmakers who made them.

http://youtu.be/7bDLIV96LD4 – Headlights (Spike Lee)

http://youtu.be/H4PN7Xbexq4 – Sabotage (Spike Jonze)

http://youtu.be/dsUXAEzaC3Q – Bad (Martin Scorsese)

.The music video’s can also promote the actors/actresses in them.

http://youtu.be/dsUXAEzaC3Q – We Exist (Andrew Garfield)

http://youtu.be/wCDIYvFmgW8 – Weapon of Choice (Christopher Walken)

http://youtu.be/3Yd4GG3bed0 – Bad Boys For Life (Ben Stiller)

.The music video’s are their to make money for the band/artist, so a lot of money gets spent on music video’s in some cases.

http://youtu.be/0P4A1K4lXDo – Scream (7,000,000)

Why (music video) research is important

.Research in work is important because it means that other people can put more faith in your work. By researching, whatever it is, you gain a strong understanding. If you research something enough, you can then use stats and facts in your work, which sound better and more convincing for the people that you are addressing. If you say that ‘people spend a lot of the day on the internet’; it doesn’t sound convincing enough. If you say that ‘people spend 5 hours a day on the internet’ it sounds a lot better.

.To be able to make a point about something, you need to research both sides of the argument. If you say that ‘he hates me’ it doesn’t sound convincing. If you say that ‘he hates me because I broke his TV’ it sounds stronger and you have a greater understanding of the situation. If you take the information you gain from the first website you look at, your information is biased, and it may not be as true as possible. If you research several more websites, then you can see a more rounded picture.

.Without researching something, you may make pore choices. When choosing what College, Uni. etc you are going to go to. You need to research many, and not a small batch. This is because you many end up regretting your decision.

.Research allows you to understand how something has developed. This gives you techniques that you can use to promote your work. You can see how the matket has changed, and so you can say ‘so and so is current, why don’t we advertise with that’ it means that you can have a greater potential.

.By researching something, you can see what someone else is saying about it, meaning you can then make stronger arguments in your work. So you can cover something ‘all round’ and not just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

.By researching something, you can just improve your work in general, which means that you can see how much of a difference you have made to your overall mark, etc by adding on additional things.

.By researching, you can get in touch with people about things that you may not have been aware about, or if you have strong enough research, you can produce strong enough work, which then means that you can get in touch with people who may be able to provide you with better opportunities.

.By researching, you can use other people’s work to help you out. You can take something that someone else has said and use it yourself, if you label it. This means that you can get help from others, in your own work.

.By researching you can get better value for money. If you look at the first option you may end up buying a holiday for ‘£150’ when instead you could get the same holiday for £120. It can save you a lot of money.

.You can find what other people have said about the same thing and then they can help you out, by looking at their work or by taking to mind what they said they struggled with or should have worked more on.

.It can help you understand the true meaning of something, so you don’t mix things up and reach brick walls with your work.

.(Music) Understand what genre your music video is and who you can branch it towards. If you make a rap video that is entirely about narrative and it is about two lovers, then it would be quiet strange because you would expect to see the artist, lots of woman, booze and cars. Unfortunately that is the way it is with many current music videos.

.You can tailor your work to suit the needs of people in the present day. You can have a strong marketing plan. You can see how people’s needs have changed over the years and you can understand what they want. Then you must alter your work to match their needs.

.(Music) You can gain your own personal aesthetic for you films. Each director has their own and without your won, you will not stand out. This gives you something extra and something to be recognized by.

.(Music) It can help you understand the true definition of narrative, lyrical and conceptual music video’s. This can also help you, find out which one best suits you and your aesthetic.

.(Music) It can help you to improve your music video’s. By watching plenty of music video’s from several decades, you can see many different techniques and effects that have been used to make the music video what it is. You can gain ideas from this, not to copy from, but to explore and give your self lots of possibilities and more experience for later videos.

Why pre production documentation is important

.You can get lots of experience from it, by doing lots of pre-production you can then work out a structure to your work, which best suits you, meaning you can work better. If not then your work may not have a proper structure to it and could collapse at any point.

.By making pre-production documentation, you can then show people afterwards, where all your work has come from. In case someone thinks that you have copied your work from someone else, then you can provide them evidence that you haven’t copied. Also depending on what work you are doing, you can show documentation to examiners so they can boost your marks and so you can again show where your original ideas have come from.

.You can work out a strong schedule, so you can say ‘I am going to this, followed by this, and this and then i will finish with this’. You can have a stronger structure, which can keep you ticking. This also means that you can avoid collisions in work.

.If you plan ahead then you can work out things sooner than later, meaning you could have more time afterwards for extra work, to improve everything. So you can save yourself a lot of time, my doing pre-production.

.By making documentation, you can then refer back to it at any point, almost like a diary. So in case you forget something, you can then look back to see what you wrote or said.

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