27 – Music Video Research Portfolio (2010’s)

‘Brennistein’ shows us just how much technology is available to film makers in the present day. This video uses a lot of different techniques and mold them together really well (but perhaps too much) This music video is both narrative and performance, which is very common in music video’s now. The first piece of technology that caught my eye was the contrast of colours. The word ‘Brennistein’ means Sulphuric, better known as ‘sulphur’ (which is a yellow colour) This is why their is so much yellow/green in the video. This is the only colour that you see throughout. Music video’s can be made simplistsic, but at the same time, they can require so much work, but have a massive pay off at the end, like this one. The lighting is really good in this video. This is successfully used because it is a high tech camera. Filming in HD and viewing in HD, makes so much of a difference, to modern day music video’s, depending on what type of music video, you want to make.

‘Ain’t No Grave’ is quiet unlike any music video that I have seen before, and I guess this does not support the analysis of the other music video’s, but in a way it does, becuase it shows what technology is available to anyone in the present day, and how easily something can be done. But I wanted to talk about this video because I really like it. I had not come across this video myself, but was told about it by a friend when asking for some of their favorite music videos. I personally really like this music video. However I think that this might be a hit/miss music video because, I can understand that some people may not like it. I have not seen a music video like this before. I think that it is the sort of music video that comes round once in a while. This was not the official music video for the song. The song was released  many years before this video was made. This video was made by the community of Johnny Cash fans, who decided to make this music video in tribute to him. I really like how this music video was created my many people from all over the world and not just a small group of people. And that it is a really simple idea, but one that works really well in my eyes. Because it is something which you an just watch through to the end, before talking about it. Because it is unlike any other music video, we are memorized by it and pay a lot of attention to it.

‘On Melancholy Hill’ shows us that many effects are still used in music video’s, but they don’t necessarily have to done on the camera or in the editing studio. Instead they can be done from scratch, my making a cartoon video. These cartoon’s are apparent in all of the Gorillaz songs. This shows just how far music video’s have progressed. And that their isn’t a need for filming anymore either. We have so many more options available to us as film makers.

‘Isolated System’ also back ups my point about simple ideas and that their isn’t a need for lots of effects, or flashy images. It is a simple video that works with the tempo of the song. But it also shows us that simple ideas can be combined with effects, to create a greater outcome than ever before.

‘Ain’t No Grave’ Johnny Cash (The Johnny Cash Project 2010)

‘On Melancholy Hill’ Gorillaz (2010)

‘Straight Up and Down’ The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Boarwalk Empire Introductory video 2011)

‘Run Boy Run’ Woodkid (2012)

‘Everybody’s on the Run’ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (2012)

‘Isolated System’ Muse (2012)

‘Brennistein’ Sigur Ros (2013)


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