27- Music Video Research Portfolio (60’s)

In the 1960’s, music video’s were widely recognized as being live productions only. So only several camera’s and several camera angles would be used during the performances. This meant that bands/artists couldn’t put a message through in their video’s because their were none. In the 1960’s, the behaviour of musicians was very different to how it is now (not saying that everyone one has changed, but the kinds of behavior that we get from a minority of artists, and that more strange behaviors are accepted in video’s)

These vidoe’s are very simplistic. They show you just how far, music video’s have moved on since the 1960’s. Before these live performance video’s, music would just be heard on records and radios. These performances would give the audience the chance to see their band play live, and for the band to interact with their audience.

Most of the time, the main angle used in these performances would have been a medium close-up of the lead singer. This gave the audience something more active to look at, because their is less to be seen, when looking at the rest of the band members.

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