27- Music Video Research Portfolio (70’s)

In the 1970’s, live performance video’s were still very popular, but music video’s being produced for the individual band/artists were coming along as well. The band members and in particular, the lead singers were being more active on stage, for the performance video’s. And the music itself was becoming more lively, in the sense that it evoked the audience to get more involved with the song.

The ‘Let it Be’ music video is a good example of the continuation from the 1960’s of performance music video’s. Their were only about 10 different angles that were used in that video. Shots would be held a lot longer, in music video’s from past decades.

The ‘Imagine’ music video is a very simple one, but it is a good example of showing how music video’s were growing. Their are only about 5 different shots in the video. The video is both narrative and performance. Whereas, in the past, the video’s would be performance only. Similarly in this video, the shots are also held a long time.

The ‘YMCA’ video is also a very simple, one but in comparison to the ‘Imagine’ video, it is on a completely different level. The video is made to match the tempo of the song and be quiet and interact one because it is a very lively song. So the video is very lively with it’s choice of costumes and locations. The video looks as if it has been done on two different shoots, probably on the same day.


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