27 – Music Video Research Portfolio (80’s)

In the 1980’s, special effects were starting to be used more frequently. As well as narrative (mixed with performance) video’s taking over as the dominant type of music video. In number 6, 5 and 4 of this music video compilation, you can see how special effects were being added into videos. Obviously, these were not cheap, but more money was being spent on music video’s, meaning artists were able to produce these big, notable music video’s.

The music video, ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson cost around $2.2 million to make. This music video was directed by Martin Scorsese. This says something about the big starts willingness to gain more and new viewers, as well as the importance of music video’s themselves. More shots and angles are used for the music video’s and the shots themselves last longer. This video is a strange one. It is a narrative music video, but it is also a performance video at the same time. No special effects were used in this video, but often, choreography was the key to Michael Jackson’s videos.

The music video ‘Living on a Prayer’ shows the vast amount of care that was being put into the videos. You can see that that the lighting in this video was a lot stronger, which goes to show, the time and effort that was being out into the music video’s. As well as this, you can see how fast paced the music video’s are. The shots were lasted a lot shorter than in the past, which meant that it would have taken a lot longer to film the video as well.

The ‘Super Trooper’ video shows that more time was spent making video’s, as more locations would be used. One reason for this was because the storyline in the video’s was a lot stronger, so the video’s would not just be interactive to the audience, but they would be narrative. But this video also shows that the structure to the music video’s from the 1960’s was still in place, but that in this case, it cad been molded with other music video techniques, to make the video more satisfying to the audience of the time.

The ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ video, shows that the music video’s had moved forward a lot in their visual aesthetic. Their is a wide range of colours in this video, and they are not subtle. They are being noticeable. This is showing the mood, of the video’s. They are more joyful and colorful to watch. This is a music video that isn’t as you think that it might have been. you would listen to the video, and imagine that it would have a lyrical video, but it does not.


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