27 – Music Video Research Portfolio (Naughties)

The music video’s of the naughties are a good mix of genre music video’s, editing techniques, creativeness and a lot more.

The music video’s of the 1990’s took a decline in the amount of money that was being spent on them, and actually took a step forward in creativeness and simple movie making.

‘Fire’ is a very good example of this, because the music was not necessarily tailored to a specific genre of music fans, so they made a very fun and simplistic video. Not many video’s like this were made in the 1990’s because, this was the decade of ‘exploration’ if you will, in what amount of money could be spent on a video, and how major and blockbuster the video could be. The video is completely narrative and has been treated almost like a film.

‘Not Fair’ is a very clever music video, because it shows how music video’s have developed from the 1960’s and offers a current view on what music video’s were like during the 1960’s. Because it had been fifty years since the 1960’s, people would have more stereotypical and guessed views on what the 1960’s were like. Much like ‘Fire’, it is again a very simple idea, but also a very effective one. The video is slower paced, less flashy, more formal (the restrictions were tighter and the videos were less controversial)

’99 Problems’ shows that the street music still continued, but more predominantly sending messages in the early 2000’s. This video shows off street life, and social messages. This video also tailors itself to a certain audience, by showing life on the street, as a ‘street’ song. This also supports the theory about messages, and shows off the opinion of others, based on those who live on the streets. And their view of a ‘broken’ society. Street music had evolved as less of dance music and it had channeled off into more predominantly ‘rap’ music.

‘Lose Yourself’ backs up the point that street music had split into sub genres, with rap evolving as one of those sub genre’s. This also shows that video’s were illustrating social life and also moving away from the high budget, high effects video’s. And that narrative video’s were the most popular video’s on the market. Rap music, is literally more about really fast paced vocals that are at times hard to understand. Whereas people who listen to rock perhaps, might look and street music, rap music and pop music and call them the same thing. Because their are just so many more genre’s of music, now than in comparison to the 1960’s.

‘Lose Yourself” Eminem (2002) http://youtu.be/bmXumtgwtak

’99 Problems’ Jay Z (2004) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2473580

‘You Know My Name’ Chris Cornell (2006)

‘Stronger’ Kanye West (2007) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2473598

‘Goodbye Mr A’ The Hoosiers (2007)

‘Open Your Eyes’ Snow Patrol (2007)

‘Boom Boom Pow’ The Black Eyes Peas (2008) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2473523

‘Beggin’ Madcon (2008) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2473566

‘Single Ladies (Should have put a ring on it)’ Beyonce (2008) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2473572

‘Poppiholla’ Chicane (2009) –

‘Fire’ Kasabian (2009)

‘Not Fair’ Lily Allen (2009)


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